Toyota Dealership Network - Mobile App

Role: Creative Director, Art Director, Creative Team Lead
The Toyota Dealership Network is a group of dealerships that have put together a video network and mobile app that connects Toyota owners to their dealers. As Creative Director at Almer/Blank, it was my job to oversee the UX / UI and design. We took an existing web app and modified it for use on mobile which included reworking the UX and UI, as well as the video format. We also enhanced it with geolocation, maps and social sharing integration. We also came up with an app concept that connected owners, their cars, dealers, and social networking through Loyalty and Rewards programs.

Shout outs: R Blank, Markus Almer, Michael Dela Cruz, Omar Gonzalez, Hasan Otuome, Nolan Butcher, Tony Wong, Glenn Kauffman, Ben Nussbaum, Kurt Kratchman

What we did

  • B2B and Consumer Apps
  • Mobile UX & UI
  • HTML 5 with Video