Samsung - CRM for Mobile, Social Media and Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Role: Associate Creative Director, Designer
One of our other big acounts at Rosetta, was Samsung. This was a huge opportunity for us to do massive CRM and Loyalty & Rewards programs. And the team did just that. I sat next to the core Samsung team and my role in all of it was to support when I could get time from my main account. I was invloved in quite a few brainstorm sessions which resulted in some really fantastic ideas. From concepts to social media, to apps and more, I jumped in as much as possible to help out the team. Rosetta has seen some amazing results on this account and I'm proud to have been part of the team.

Shout outs: Karisa Allen, Dave McClain, Paula Campos, Roger Wong, Bill Melton, Darryl Kanouse, Carlos Zuniga, Marvin Tabangay, Victor Hwang, Dani Kollin, Jose Eslinger, Carissa Levine, Lauren McCue, Lawrence Byron, Marisa Engel, Justin Gourley, Josh Bloomberg, Dan Zuber, Anne Lewis, Krystle Williams, Shawna Jackson

What we did

  • Concepting
  • Copy
  • UX
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
  • CRM Design