Miller Brewing Co. - Miller Lite Virtual Racing League

Role: Senior Flash Developer
When I was hired from to work at RedSky Interactive, this was the project I was initially hired to work on. The project was already underway in the design phase and I came on board to help the flash development and animation. We had quite a few people working on this and it became a monster. Technical Director Dan Harrington basically hired me on to help this thing become real becuase no one was sure we could even pull it off. This was the very first database driven flash site, which was essentially a fantasy racing application called the Miller Lite Virtual Racing League. We worked on this for about 4 months, staying long hours and weekends trying to figure out how to make it work the way we had envisioned. Team members included Creative Director Dan Simmons, Client Partner Bill Brock, Account Managers Dierdre McGlashan and Shannon Kalkstein, Art Director Kathryn Liu, Writer Chris Gatewood, Designers Mo Anamnart and Scott Ewen, Sr Developers Geoffrey Wilson and Beau Giles - and of course me. This site won a gold award at some point later on, but I think we were all trying to block it out of our memories. I also think Scott wanted to kill Dan after doing animations for weeks on end. I worked closely with the team to do feasibility testing and prototypes and also learned quite a bit of programming techniques from Geoffrey Wilson. Some of us are even featured in the game as drivers or crew chiefs. See if you can spot me in the demo version below.
NOTE: In the demo, if you register as a new user - you don't have to fill anything out, just keep hitting "next".

Shout outs: Dan Simmons, Bill Brock, Dierdre McGlashan, Shannon Kalkstein, Geoffrey Wilson, Chris Gatewood, Mo Anamnart, Scott Ewen, Dan Harrington, Julie Liu, Kathryn Liu, Beau Giles
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