Disney - Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Role: Art Director, Designer, Flash Animator, Sound editor
While working at Deadline I was asked to lead this project to its final delivery. Now, when I say Art Director above, sometimes at Deadline that really means Project Manager and get-it-done guy. I dealt directly with Sean Carmody at Disney Online on many occasions to get approvals and changes folded into the design and execution, while designing whatever needed to be done. Initial "voodoo-skull" design was done by Gill Friedman, with remaining pages done by myself. Did I mention that Gill pwns? Honorable mention goes to Laurel Gerber for her "dead on the beach" comps which were not selected, but still totally awesome. Flash build was done by Victor Gaudioso and myself. 3D execution was done by Gill Friedman and Dathan Deadman and flash animation was done by Chris McCall and myself. Chris's header animation was so awesome that the client actually asked us to remove some of it becuase it was "overselling the game". Fortunately I kept a copy of it here, and you can actually hear Victor's laugh on this version when the site is loading.

I also comped up a storyboard for a screensaver, which was never built, but still totally cool.

Shout outs: Gill Friedman, Eric Kahn, Victor Gaudioso, Chris McCall, Dathan Dedman, Laurel Gerber

This one is for Victor - miss you buddy.

Launch Flash Website

What we did

  • Web Design
  • 2D Animation and Video Integration
  • Flash Build
  • Sound Design
  • Maya 3D Animation
  • AE Video Compositing