Sony - Genji: Days of the Blade PS3 Launch Site

Role: Art Director, Designer, Flash Animator, Team lead
This is another one of those "crazy" projects I was involved with while working at Deadline. While I was busy working on the project, this project came in and design was intially created by Tansy Meyer. Her awesome look was the starting point for everything else that followed. Once the initial look was established, and I was free from other projects, I was asked to Art Direct (read: manage, flesh out remaining designs, sound editing, do whatever it took) to make this something special. As one of only a few PlayStation 3 launch titles, we had to pull out all the stops. Eric Kahn looked to me to suggest ways to add the "wow factor" and I did just that. We brought in Christopher Dehm to do motion graphics for use as flash page transitions. I also worked closely with 3D artist Dathan Deadman to create the character reveals for each page. In addition, I worked alongside Colin Main on the final flash build as well as devising ways to add displacement filters and particle effects, which ended up looking really sweet. Tor Kaamsvag assisted in the early stages of the flash build as well. During the project, I scooped up any people I could to get all the litle details of the site built. Other peeps that helped us out were Chris McCall, Blaine Rucker and Brett Hardin. I dealt with the client directly on a daily basis to deliver updates and implement change requests. I worked out the site flash architecture along side Colin Main to get all the visual layers to work together and to get the timing right. It was rather complex, but in the end, this site turned out aces.

Shout outs: Tansy Myer, Colin Main, Chris McCall, Blaine Rucker, Eric Kahn, Chris Dehm, Dathan Dedman, Brett Hardin, Tore Kamsvaag

Launch Flash website

What we did

  • Web Design
  • 2D Animation and Video Integration
  • Flash Displacement Maps
  • Flash Particle Systems
  • Maya 3D Animation
  • AE Video Compositing
  • Sound Design