Disney - Blu-Ray Site Design & Maintenance

Role: Art Director, Designer
One of my favorite projects while working at Tuesday Creative was the Disney Blu-ray web site. Creative Director Aaron Nather asked me to come up with a new look for this project since it was seemingly stuck in the design phase. While the original designs we cool, I took it as an opportunity to show my stuff. Since Blu-ray was pretty new at the time, I wanted to make it seem futuristic and studied a few looks for it. Ultimately, I drew a lot of influence from the movie Tron, as well as the Blu-ray discs and packaging. I started with storyboard sketches for a grand intro (by Disney's request), which we later ditched because it was just unnecessary and difficult to execute. I lead the design and managed the team that built it, which included Senior Developer Jason Cook, Art Directors Andrew Seles and Bill Salvador, and Developer Chris Moore. We all put in a lot of detail and pride in the project, and it ultimately turned out pretty sweet. Mikette Miller and Steve Rosenhaus managed the account and helped us stay on track with client updates. The site is no longer online but you can view a copy of it below.

Shout outs: Aaron Nather, Jason Cook, Andrew Seles, Bill Salvador, Chris Moore, Steve Rosenhaus, Mikette Miller
Launch Flash website

What we did

  • Storyboards
  • Web Design
  • 2D Animation and Video Integration
  • Flash Build
  • Sound Design