Little Orbit - Busy Scissors Wii Title, Site & Music

Role: Creative Director, Designer, Music Composer
For this long-term project, Curious Oranj partnered with Manifest Games to develop a title for the Wii and DS platforms. Essentially it is a hair cutting game targeted at girls ages 6-14. The game features over 35 real hair styles and players learn real hair styling techniques developed by leading professionals in the industry. The game also features TiGi Bedhead (now Redken) marketed along side those products wherever they are sold. Curious Oranj and Manifest games have created a new entity named Manifest Oranj, as well as a publishing entity called Little Orbit to distribute the game and simplify future efforts. The game has already received quite a bit of praise in the hair care industry. It is the first of its kind was released in the fall of 2010. The UI and branding design styles were initally created by Barry Hamaguchi. Designer Nick Ignacio also participated in the web design efforts. The final site design was a hybrid of Barry's initial look, combined with ideas by Nick and finalized myself. Site development was initially done by Jason Cook, with updates and modifications done by myself. I was a key participant in the concept phase, working with Stuart Hall and Matt Scott to assist in proposal writing and presentations. I also co-wrote and produced the theme music along with Colin Main and vocalist Maaya Ota (aka Lady Dragon). The theme music is recorded in English and Japanese. The trailer was originally done by Barry Hamaguchi with later edits done by myself. Check out the site here

Shout outs: Barry Hamaguchi, Nick Ignacio, Stuart Hall, Matt Scott, Jason Cook, Colin Main, Maaya Ota
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What we did

  • Concepting
  • Web Design
  • 2D Animation and Video Integration
  • Flash Build
  • AE Video Compositing
  • Music for Game and Reel
  • Copy
  • 3D Game UI