Activision - Call of Duty (MW3, BO2, Ghosts) CRM Campaigns and Social Media Concepts

Role: Associate Creative Director, Art Director, Creative Team Lead

Activision was my main account while working at Rosetta. Not only as a fan of the Call of Duty franchise, but also an avid gamer, I was the go-to person for all questions related to Call of Duty. And from pitch to delivery, I was excited to be part of the creative leadership. Over a two year period, we raised the bar for Activision's CRM capabilities by adding personalization and improved analytics toward gamer behavior and email interaction. Through this program, our team delivered personalized emails with weekly gamer stats that included things like K/D ratio, character level, recent weapon unlocks and so much more. We also hit marketing objectives along the way for title launches such as Black Ops II and Ghosts, DLC and Micro DLC announcements, Season Pass upsells, Elite upsells and many others. We targeted our CRM campaigns for mobile and delivered in five languages to support global marketing and CRM objectives. We also created some social media concepts that were quite well-received.

Shout outs: Kelly Potts, Isabella Kanjanapangka, Tracy Corbin, Katie Frankle, Karisa Allen, Dave McClain, Paula Campos, Brian Clevenger, Paul Rappoport, Katherine Battle, Cale Thompson, Dmytro Marushkevych, Gabe Chapa, Robert Byrne, Bill Melton, Bastien Frediani, Darryl Kanouse, Cesar Ojeda, Yin Li, Carlos Zuniga, Marvin Tabangay, Hai Tran, Victor Hwang, Shanon Ingles, Alex Baeza, Justin Gourley, Dan Zuber Sagarika Annapragada, Eric Lynch, Hal Paris, Chris Bailey

What we did

  • Email Design for Mobile
  • Personalized Player Data Integration
  • Social Media Concepts